Happy New Year! 2020 style

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020– It’s always a big deal to start a year that ends with a zero!

   January is named after the Roman god “Janus.” In Roman mythology, Janus has two faces—one to look to the future and the other to look to the past. So, January is a “two-faced” month. It offers a time for us to reflect upon where we have been and also where we are going.

  Since moving here in July, my family and I have experienced our new life in East Tennessee. We have participated in several seasonal events provided through our church, holiday gatherings with new friends, school activities and worship opportunities. These have all been “firsts” for us and we appreciate your making us feel at home.

   Before moving on to a new year, I wanted to thank our staff for all their wonderful efforts during this past Advent season. The musical celebrations, “Keyboards at Christmas”, the distribution of food and toys to those in need, a meaningful Christmas Eve service, times of fellowship for our children and youth, along with many other service and learning opportunities, have been made facilitated by our devoted staff. I thank them and our faithful volunteers as well for a meaningful holiday season. I appreciate ALL of you whose presence and support brought joy and encouragement to us all.

  A new year offers new opportunities, challenges, and beginnings. I’m excited about what the Lord has in store for First Baptist Church this upcoming year. The year 2020 offers a metaphor for the kind of vision I want us as a church family to have in carrying out Kingdom work. Let me offer a few “hopes” as we start another year together.  

   I hope we’ll be able to focus on reaching newcomers to the Clinton area. There are people in this area who need Jesus Christ and need to be part of an authentic Christian community. We are uniquely blessed and positioned in the heart of Clinton, so let’s pray and be sensitive to that. Let’s not forget what it’s like to move into a new area and the challenges of getting connected to a church.

    I hope we’ll also be able to maintain focus on ongoing building renovations and technological upgrades. It’s encouraging to note the improvements and how that signals that there is life and progress going on.

    Finally, I also hope we can realize the comfort and strength in these words: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13.8).

    We’re going to be a wonderful journey this year. There’s a lot of excitement and energy in what the Lord is doing through our people. I hope you’ll join me in the journey.         

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